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Our Mission

We believe great music and footage elevates every creative project.

Our History

Filmmakers Deserve the Best

In 2010, Daniel McCarthy and Nic Carfa started Musicbed to fill a gap in the industry. As filmmakers themselves, they were stuck with two options for licensing music: either wade through red tape, contracts, high costs, and paperwork to work with record labels — or settle for subpar stock music.

So, they introduced Musicbed and disrupted the industry by creating a platform built for filmmakers with an emphasis on easily accessible, high-quality music. By doing that, Musicbed gave filmmakers a home for their soundtrack and changed what music licensing could be.

In 2015, we launched Filmsupply which exists to make the highest quality footage accessible to filmmakers around the world. Our highly curated catalog is helping filmmakers elevate their projects.

What We Do

in Film

What We Do

Musicbed exists to bridge the gap between filmmakers and great musicians. We built a platform where creatives can discover music from hundreds of incredible bands, artists, and composers to use in their films. It's a true win-win—filmmakers get an easier avenue to better films and musicians find an entirely new audience for their work.





Jon Mero

Lady Bri


Lost Terra

Our Identity

Elevate Filmmakers

We want to make every single creative project better.




Great music should be easy to find, and our team should be easy to reach. We’re dedicated to removing every single barrier between creatives and great music.



People look to us for the next big thing. We’re not reacting to what’s current — we’re deciding what’s going to be current.



We value long-term relationships over individual transactions. We ask what we can do for our customers, not telling them what we need from them.



As thought leaders, we have a responsibility to challenge the status quo and push our industry toward excellence.



The only adjective that matters. We are obsessive. We never stop thinking about bringing better music to creatives everywhere.



There is a human behind every project, and we’ll go above and beyond to help them by being generous with our time, patience, and talents.

Our Community

It's About

Giving Back

We give 10% of our profit to local and international organizations that serve their communities well. Beyond giving financially, we also believe in giving our time to serve our community. We make sure our team members are given several paid volunteer days each year to serve with organizations that are making a difference in Fort Worth. Our team members are involved in helping combat human trafficking, serving the needs of refugee communities, aiding single moms, mentoring at risk youth and much more.

Organizations We Support:

The NetC3
Student Leadership
Cultivate Leadership
Zeb's Foundation
Love to the Nations
When We Love
Fort Worth Youth Sports
Women Who Code

Where We Are

Fort Worth?

This is the part where we say, “Fort Worth’s a lot bigger than you thought!” At a population of over 700,000 people, it has a rich cultural community, thriving economy, and more great taco shops than you can shake a stick at. But really, it’s the perfect size — not too big, not too small.


Between Sundance Square, Magnolia Avenue, and the cultural arts district, Fort Worth is a great place to explore. It has a distinctly southwestern vibe, blending rich traditions with everything a thriving modern city has to offer. And yes, there are rodeos and cattle drives, if you’re into that kind of thing. Plus, Dallas' world-class culture and attractions are just a 30-minute drive west.


You know that sweet spot we were talking about? That applies to work/life balance too. In Fort Worth, you get all the benefits of a world-class city without paying the New York or L.A. premium. Essentially, you can work normal hours, go home to a livable situation, and not have to wait tables on the side!


There’s a lot less fear of commitment when you’re moving to one of the most well-connected cities in the nation! With one of the largest airport hubs just minutes away, you can hop an a flight to just about anywhere. Wait, scratch that, it’s literally anywhere.

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Ultimately, we're passionate about the power of great music—it's everything. So, the best way to get to know us is to listen to our artists' work! Explore dozens of playlists curated by our experts and top filmmakers.

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